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Call Center Services in India

by | Aug 17, 2021 | 0 comments

If we ever sit and calculate how much time our sales team will take to generate one customer lead, how much time is spent in solving a customer grievance or a query, we’re bound to be surprised with the results. Time, human resources and effort are all great costs that determine the success of a business.

Call center services in Delhi, Bangalore and many other cities provided by NetAmbit can come to your rescue to provide a comprehensive solution to manage the non-core activities of your business.

Benefit of choosing call center services

1. Reduces costs and overheads – It takes manpower and resources to track sales people, their performance and calculate the cost that a call has taken over the business that would’ve been generated if your resource was completing another activity instead of spending their day on the phone.

2. Reduces time – It’s time consuming to train staff on how to address queries, how to reach out to potential clients. You would rather focus your energies on what needs maximum attention to take your business to the next level.

3. Increased Revenue: The more you focus your energies on getting more leads for your business, the more revenue you can generate.

4. Increased Customer Satisfaction: Customer is the king they say and if you have under-prepared staff dealing with your customers the king might get really dissatisfied. You need professionals with proper training to be the front face of your business.

5. It’s quick: Setting up your own call center and processes will mean that you need a lot of time to before you can begin operations. With NetAmbit, you can start as early as tomorrow to set up your call center!

Call Center Services provided by NetAmbit

Telesales – Cold calling is an art. It is not only tough to hold the attention of the listener but to try and sell a product/service to a customer by thoroughly explaining to them about how the product or service fulfils their needs. Therefore, having a tele-caller who is patient enough, and cares for your customer as well as your brand is essential. NetAmbit’s core values of care and trust differentiate their team from everyone else.

Lead Generation – It takes commitment to reach out to one customer after another just to find the right leads for your organisation that can get you exactly the business you need. The team at NetAmbit works at generating leads that are right for your business.

Appointment Setting – The team at NetAmbit gives your business that boost by setting up appointments with your potential customers. Their intuitiveness helps them comprehend triggers that help you make your meeting with a potential client more effective.

Inbound Calls – Grievances can be most harrowing for customers. They expect quick solutions to problems, something that NetAmbit’s trained professionals are able to manage with ease. While being quick at understanding issues, they also help the customer reach a solution quickly, ultimately leaving a good image for your brand.

And much more!

NetAmbit ensures that our clients drive high incremental revenue with increased speed to market, and efficient use of resources through the call center services we provide. Needless to say, that our executives represent your company with great care creating a brand image that is sure to contribute to the success of your business.


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