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How to Find Best Sales People During Recruitment Drive

by | Aug 17, 2021 | 0 comments

Hiring the right sales people is what keeps companies at the top of their revenues each year. While leaders and recruiters may say that finding a great sales professional is not easy, it isn’t impossible. If you are looking for professionals with stellar skills in selling, here are some traits that you can keep in mind while hiring for sales roles:

Voice and Body Language

One of the most crucial things to pay attention to when speaking with a potential sales candidate, is their voice and body language? How do they come across? Ask yourself what is the impression that you get when speaking to them, is it too salesman-like or are they, smooth talkers? Consider whether their tone and style is something that will align with what the company stands for.

Lots of Confidence

While confidence is one of the basic pre-requisites among soft skills to be a great salesman, this has to happen effortlessly. Look for professionals who can maintain their confidence even in the instance of unfavourable circumstances. The best way to gauge is to ask the person to demonstrate how they would speak to you as if they would to a potential client and then present them with objections to the product or service they are pitching.


A good sales professional would be able to adapt well to changing work scenarios or changes in products/services they are pitching. Look for professionals who are good at thinking on their feet and are flexible to changes. This is crucial as brands go through changes in sales processes from time to time.

Time Management

Another key skill to look for in your salespeople is time management. Their schedule is likely going to be full of meetings and calls which will have to be aligned with their weekly, monthly, or annual targets. Time management skills also translate into being organized and also shows that the person is motivated to complete their tasks smoothly.

Open to learning

The best sales professionals are always open to feedback and are also able to take the feedback in the right sense. This also requires a good amount of emotional stability as it can be easy to feel annoyed or overwhelmed when confronted with feedback, especially when it’s negative. Somebody who is coachable is always a great fit for the sales team.

Apart from the soft skills, you can also look for a glorious track record or someone with the right certifications. Sales professionals who are up to date with the industry practices and technology are also extremely important.


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