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Many organizations find themselves wondering about the best method to scale their business in the offline world. Should they mass hire sales representatives in order to meet their needs? Or should they outsource their sales force to a specialized partner?


Getting your sales managed by an expert partner is a viable option for organizations in today’s VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous) world. Sales teams constantly need to evolve as product offerings are becoming increasingly complex, market dynamics are constantly changing, and the buyer’s journey is going digital.

To attain your sales goals in this scenario requires time, money, and resources — precious rare things that an inhouse sales team is always lacking! Managed sales services, provides you with a flexibility that can enable your organization to pilot new projects, scale-up quickly, and even scale-down as fast if needed!

However, there are common concerns with outsourcing sales process, including loss of control, brand considerations, and many more. To help assess whether anaged sales force is right for your organization, answer the following questions:

1. Have you succeeded to hit sales targets with your existing teams?

2. Can you afford to have a people heavy team?

3. Do you have the tools and capabilities to ramp up faster?

4. Are you equipped to manage high churn and attrition that comes with sales management?

5. Do you have the technology to train your sales teams?

6. Do you have enough experience in offline scaling?

7. Do you have the time to manage sales teams on your own?

If the answer to most of the questions above is NO, then you may as well try a specialised partner to provide you with these services. What’s the best part? You can actually try it out and not commit to a large salesforce in case it doesn’t work out for you!


It’s best to view managed sales teams as augmentations of your existing sales team and sales support team. These teams must learn the products and processes inside out, just as inside sales reps would. You need to make sure your partner is willing to live, breathe, and be your brand.

Increased Speed to Market

Managed Sales provides a higher speed and efficiency, when compared to in-house teams. Since their core is sales management, they are equipped to cover larger ground in less period of time.

Salespeople to Meet Your Needs

By training and onboarding the best sales talent, and providing consistent coaching, managed teams enable your organization to consistently hit even the most aggressive sales goals

Years of Experience

Managed teams bring years of combined expertise and support that even the most established organizations generally won’t achieve.

Increased Value

Managed services provide better value, when compared to in-house teams. From reliable hiring to ongoing support, outsourcing directly offset the seen and unseen costs associated with recruitment and employee turnover


Managed Sales Teams can help organizations save resources and time; improve their processes and infrastructure; and help them enter new markets, segments, and geographies. From recruiting and onboarding to ongoing support, managed teams provide salesforces with peace of mind. By partnering with an expert organization, businesses remove complexity from their sales programs to increase profitability.

Whether you’re looking to upgrade your current sales team, are ready to go to market, or are looking to expand your current reach, NetAmbit is your pre-built sales team. We provide flexible solutions for the world’s leading and emerging companies.

We rely on a team of dedicated, skilled sales and marketing professionals with industry-proven, go-to-market tools and intelligence that help companies accelerate their sales results.

In addition to our unmatched experience and expertise, we offer a variety of specialty technologies and tools that provide your organization with a competitive advantage, positive ROI, and the ability to respond quickly.


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