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Merchant Onboarding 101: Why is NetAmbit your best partner for it?

by | Aug 17, 2021 | 0 comments

here has been a monumental change in how products and solutions are bought and paid for. Electronic payments are the norm and as the world relies less on physical currency, it has become important for businesses to equip themselves with the right tools to facilitate e-payments for a growing number of customers who prefer to pay with their phones or cards. This has created a fertile arena for payment aggregators/gateway who now have a vast market to capture.

What is Merchant Onboarding?

Let us first understand what is merchant onboarding , a crucial process for companies seeking and offering electronic payment solutions. This process refers to onboarding a merchant to a payment processing/gateway platform. The scenario may involve an acquiring bank as well. The purpose of this process is important to both parties here. The merchants wanting to accept payments electronically want to do as soon as possible through the payment processing/gateway platforms whose focus is to make these electronic payments super smooth for the merchants.

The process has shifted to the digital space completely now from the initial days of doing it manually. The manual process was cumbersome and called for a whole lot of vetting of documents in the paper format, one by one. With the growing number of businesses coming onboard as merchants, fintech companies in this niche are seeing a stronger need for better management of the whole process. Outsourcing the process is becoming the go-to solution as external sales agencies are well-equipped to adapt to the changing scenario in the fintech world.

Why Choose NetAmbit for your Merchant Onboarding Needs

NetAmbit is a fast-growing sales agency that has helped several brands fulfil their sales quota and go beyond it with ease. With all the features that an excellent sales agency must possess, the company can help you in this crucial area with a proven approach.

Here is why NetAmbit is your best choice for helping your firm with merchant onboarding:

· Scalable Approach

One of the biggest advantages you can enjoy by partnering with NetAmbit for smooth merchant onboarding processes is that their methods can adapt to your changing needs. The agency also boasts of an approach that optimizes resources completely.

· Access to Nation-wide Markets

Payment businesses trust NetAmbit for getting more merchants on board due to their established presence across India. Businesses partnering with the firm have the opportunity to get merchants from more than 800 cities. NetAmbit also helps in ensuring that this growth is sustainable.

· Superior Lead Generation

The sales agency has over two decades of experience in the field and understands the nitty-gritty of various markets. The high-touch offline approach by NetAmbit is one of the USPs of the company. Payment gateway companies can rely on dedicated teams from NetAmbit for ensuring that they can build a strong relationship with the merchants even before the onboarding processes start.

An efficient sales process is key for a payment gateway company to maintain a strong foothold in the market. NetAmbit’s streamlined processes help such companies find themselves in a coveted position by offering unparalleled sales. Get in touch with NetAmbit today for the best merchant onboarding support.


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