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Think Big & Do good.

Inspired by this spirit, our goal is to create a stronger, more effective, compassionate, and inclusive system where honesty is central!

We approach our work with humility and strive to create ample opportunities for our partners, employees, stakeholders, communities and the world at large!

We are NetAmbit



Years of Experience

Business Sectors

Our People

It’s our people that make the company and what we do extraordinary. To us, people matter more than anything else. We care about those who work with us and put their trust in us. After all, if it weren’t for them, we’d have no reason to exist!

Happy Employees

I joined NetAmbit in 2004 as a part of the front-end team and since then have grown on to become a National head managing multiple sales teams. I started out as a young man with no experience and lot of determination and clearly my drive and hard-work has always paid off at NetAmbit. It is indeed a great place to build yourself- and not just professionally but personally too!

Deepak Gupta

Happy Employees

My journey with NetAmbit so far has been fabulous to say the least. With each passing day, I learn something new and this exposure and growth seems to make me better at my job every day. Apart from the professional growth at NetAmbit, what I really love about this place is that it is like a huge family. We are all here for each other and support each other. Together we grow at NetAmbit!

Chandan Gupta

Happy Employees

I joined NetAmbit in 2019 and within two years I have grown immensely. My journey from a city manager to a state head was full of learning and amazing experiences. Infact, I have witnessed that if you put in the hard work and show accountability towards your work, nothing can stop you from growing here. It is a thoroughly merit based culture and I really find that appealing.

Tapan Kumar Jha

Our Technology

We could use words like tech-driven, AI, blockchain, machine learning and so on to confuse the hell out of you, but we wouldn’t. We embrace technology just like everyday you embrace your smartphone and its many apps.

While at the core we are a people-led business, we use latest technology, apps, and platforms to empower our people.


With remarkable people in over 900 cities, we combine local insights with deep expertise across several industries to tailor the services that solve your biggest challenges.

Tailored tech Solutions

From a completely automated and customized onboarding tool, to a robust CRM, to deep analytics we use technology to make our lives easier everyday

A seamless ecosystem

We use Cloud technology to provide you seamless access to information and combine it with advanced Big Data capability to give you a winning edge.

Unparelelled talent and experience

Our tech professionals bring to the table vast industry experience coupled with domain specific key insights for superior execution.

Our Process


From identifying “big picture” goals and associated challenges to intimately familiarizing ourselves with your industry and competition, we create a cohesive summary of your business to work from.


The planning stage of our process lays a foundation for us to develop effective strategies designed to take your sales process to the next level. Sit back, and enjoy the ride.

Pilot Runs

It’s our favourite part of the process. Those daily knowledge transfer sessions, improvisation, brainstorming, innovating, learning and so much more packed in a day! It’s the toughest yet the most exciting part of our journey with a brand!

Scale Up

Once pilots are done, it’s time to go big and scale up– whether it’s about getting higher numbers, or expanding geographically. It’s the most gratifying part of the process, something that never gets old!


We closely monitor and analyse trends in performance after implementation, adjusting course if necessary and throttling full-speed when we hit a stride. It helps to keep your business from veering off track at any time.

True success comes in the form of tangible outcomes for our clients.

Our Presence