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We believe in growth

At NetAmbit we believe in growing every day – as an organization, as teams, and even as individuals!

We are NetAmbit

As one of India’s top sales service providers, we’re constantly on the lookout for powerful minds like yours to help our clients grow exponentially!

We develop, deliver and implement big ideas that bring positive, lasting and profitable change to our clients’ organisations. We love technology. But we’re not controlled by it. At NetAmbit, we harness the potential that each of our employee brings to empower our clients, crafting solutions that keep them ahead of the game.

We believe that we’re at our best when you’re at yours.

And everybody who’s part of our team should be supported to develop to their fullest potential.

We offer a variety of training programs to help you grow in your professional career. We don’t do this so we can benefit from your performance, we do this so that when you look back at your journey at NetAmbit you can proudly and honestly say

“I have grown immensely in this organization”

Hence we take the responsibilty to coach you!

Just one example is our CV writing workshop! Yes, once we have already hired you, we care enough to empower you and improve your CV writing skills so the next interview you go to, you can confidently showcase your talents! Another is our massive sales training programs that helps improve your performance while on the job. We’re that serious about offering an inclusive workplace that is both engaging and which leads to personal growth.

At NetAmbit, you can expect the unexpected.

What you encounter as a NetAmbit employee is a significant element of the unexpected. Your career may take a new direction and a non-linear growth path.

As long as you are willing to try on new roles and responsibilities, and are always honest to your work, there is no stopping you. Just ask and you get it! In addition to on-the-job learning, you’ll also receive specific coaching, mentoring & training. Inspiring colleagues, leading multi-disciplinary teams, extensive learning resources, the freedom to flourish & develop innovative solutions… Working at NetAmbit means all this and much more.

Want a Career after a break? We are here!

Whether you had a career break for personal reasons, or you had a tough time with the Pandemic, or you just tried your hand at entrepreneurship and it didn’t go so well – we are always looking for people hungry to make their lives better, hungry to grow!

We don’t look at your career break as a disadvantage, rather we believe that people who are resilient enough to stand up after a tough time are always the best people for our organization. If you are willing to invest in yourself, so are we! We welcome you with open arms and open minds.

Want to see opportunities open with us?

Our Culture

So, if you’re thinking about a role at NetAmbit, here’s what you should know about the qualities you’re expected to embody and live in your work every day:

Customer is always first

Resilience & Grit is rewarded

Trust, Honesty and Respect are our pillars

We value Input, not just Output

A look inside the Life at NetAmbit

What some of our Employees have to say?

I joined NetAmbit in 2004 as a part of the front-end team and since then have grown on to become a National head managing multiple sales teams. I started out as a young man with no experience and lot of determination and clearly my drive and hard-work has always paid off at NetAmbit. It is indeed a great place to build yourself- and not just professionally but personally too!

Deepak Gupta

My journey with NetAmbit so far has been fabulous to say the least. With each passing day, I learn something new and this exposure and growth seems to make me better at my job every day. Apart from the professional growth at NetAmbit, what I really love about this place is that it is like a huge family. We are all here for each other and support each other. Together we grow at NetAmbit!

Chandan Gupta

Looking for a new challenge?

Working at NetAmbit is much more than a job – it’s an opportunity to fulfil your potential and your purpose.