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Grow your business with NetAmbit

Expand your footprint pan India!

With our Managed Sales business focused on Merchant / Retail/ Partner acquisitions in B2Retail, B2B, B2C, B2B2C and B2SMB we offer innovative and customized solutions for your many business challenges.

Move Your Business Upwards

Accelerate Merchant onboarding

Expand your geographical presence

Improve effectiveness of your sales teams

Improve your brand acceptance among partners and customers alike
Increase market penetration with direct sales and channel creation
Do merchant servicing with ease: Order taking, Upselling, activation & much more

Your Extended Sales Team

Whether you’re looking to upgrade your current sales team, are ready to go to market, or are looking to expand your current reach, NetAmbit is your pre-built sales team. We provide flexible solutions for the world’s leading and emerging companies.

We take end-to-end responsibility of your business on ground. From hiring, training, to daily sales management, we do it all!

NetAmbit For Growth

Transform team productivity

Hire a sales team that is exponentially more productive and enjoy a vastly improved sales experience

Drive More Efficiency

Make it easier for your team to build pipeline and close deals

Drive More Revenue, Faster

Leverage already perfected processes to start at 10 levels above and beyond

Perfect Playbook Execution

Remove all the guesswork from the sales process. Adopt tried and tested processes and methodologies

Ensure Rapid Lead Response

Guarantee that your best leads never go cold with solutions for lead generation to lead fulfilment

On Demand Workforce

Choose fletxibility over fixed costs, people light over manpower heavy!

Partner with India’s Most Trusted Sales Management Company